Top 5 Healthy Whole House Water Filters

Empty green water filter isolated on white background.
Empty green water filter

If you are unfortunate to be living in areas with questionable water sources, or you simply need the cleanest water for your needs, finding a way to filter large amounts of water can be a challenge. Regardless of where you live, you will obviously benefit from a water filtration system. In most cases, high-quality filtration systems opens up new water sources. This, on the other hand, means more access to water. For those living in cities, filtration systems can be of use as it will help remove contaminants from water, especially heavy metal from pipes, contaminants from water sources and even the additives used for water treatment.

High-quality whole house water filters that are installed by professional plumbers can be an investment worth several hundred dollars. It’s therefore, paramount to carry out exhaustive research to establish which filter best suits your house. To help you make the right choice, I have compiled a list of the top five picks for the highest quality water filters available in the market.

1. AquaOx Water Filter

This is by far the best water filter on the market. The science and technology that have been used by AquaOx ensures a more thorough and long-lasting purification process. In fact, no other competitor in the market can achieve AquaOx features or even match the effectiveness achieved by AquaOx.

Other filters may be cheap, but they do more harm than good. The reverse osmosis system, for instance, is known to erode your pipes over time. Also, other less expensive filters will remove only a few elements and leave the rest for your body to filter. The AquaOx is a six stage filtration process that is known to remove 99.9% of toxin, heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and trihalomethanes. To ensure you take care of your water filtration problems, all you need is an AquaOx filtration system.

AquaOx systems are also the best as they require no maintenance and their installation is very simple. All you need when maintaining AquaOx system is to check the clock on the timer to ensure that the time is correct in case there was power outage. Flushing of pre-sediment is done once a month and only takes 5 seconds. AquaOx systems backwashes themselves automatically every four days to ensure the media is generated, clean and is also free of channeling. These systems last longer for about ten years without replacement of filters. The AquaOx systems are therefore, the best. They offer the best quality of water and save you money.

2. Doulton stainless steel filter system

Doulton filtration system looks nice on a countertop and also provides some quality filtration. With its two SuperSterasyl ceramic filters, the system removes parasites, bacteria, chemicals and even other nasty staff that can be found in the water supply. Unlike AquaOx, Doulton cannot get the water taste completely out.

Doulton has a capacity of 2.2 gallons and is, therefore, very portable. The water filter is very light and easy to move with. Nevertheless, the filter is very difficult to maneuver with when filled. Stainless steel construction ensures that it’s virtually indestructible, thus ideal to move around with. Due to its versatility and easy transportation, Doulton can be used at a home countertop or even at a campground.

3. AquaRain Model 404 filter

The AquaRain filter has four microscopic ceramic filters. With all these filters, the system removes over 98% of contaminants that may be found in your home water such as bacteria and microorganisms, chemicals such as pollutants and pesticides. Above filtering through the porous structure of the ceramics, this system passes water through shells of sterile metallic silver which is known to have anti-microbial properties that help remove living organisms in your drinking water.

The ceramic filters can be removed and cleaned whenever filter performance is declining. There also comes a time when the filters should be replaced making their maintenance very expensive.

With a stainless steel structure and tough as a tank make, the filter is quite formidable. The filter has a three gallon capacity that helps it keep a light weight. Its powerful filtration makes it possible to filter even the most questionable water sources and makes the taste delicious. The only problem compared to other systems such as the AquaOx is the need to change and maintain filters regularly which makes it expensive.

4. Zen water system

The Zen water system is more than just a filter. At the heart of this water filtering system is a 0.2-0.5 micron ceramic filter that helps remove chemicals and bacteria from your water. By the time the water has moved through the five-stage system, the water will have been purified with carbon and at the same time alkalized and mineralized. This water system has a healthy component that is known as far-infrared ceramic balls that has benefits to its users.

Mineralized water is very important owing to the fact that much water across the world lacks vital minerals such as magnesium which is known for its health benefits. With an impressive 8 gallon capacity, multistage filtration system, and alkalizing and mineralizing features, the Zen filter system is one of the best in the market. However, the fact that the filters have to be often replaced makes it less efficient compared to systems such as the AquaOx water filtering systems.

5. British Berkefeld water filter system

In many ways, this filter system is similar to the Doulton water filter system. However, this system is supercharged with extra filters. Berkefeld has 4 7” SuperSterasyl ceramic filters that are impregnated with antibacterial agents that help reduce the microbe content in water.

The powerful filtration by this system makes it possible to clean water from questionable sources. Above filtering the water, this system makes your water taste clean and pure. One of the huge benefits of this system is the filters that are washable. You just simply remove the filters and gently scrub them under running water. A major disadvantage of this water system compared to other systems such as the AquaOx is the long time that it takes to filter water. This is especially notorious for the first use when it can take up to four hours for the filters to be completely saturated.