6 Oral Hygiene Myths That Ruins Your Teeth

Mouth care can be confusing to most people due to the myths on how to care for your pearly whites. Without proper knowledge on oral healthcare, most of us will believe anything we hear from our friends, family, and relatives.

The common problem with mouth myths is the authenticity of these beliefs. While they are not true, the myths are deeply-rooted in our culture which makes it even more difficult for most people to differentiate from the truth. General health and oral health are connected which is why it is important to debunk the myths. Below are some of the more popular oral hygiene myths that can destroy your pearly whites.

  1. Sugar Causes Tooth Decay – While sugar plays a huge role in tooth decay, it is not the main cause of the dental issue. According to dental experts, sugar is bad for your dental health as it causes tooth decay but it is not the main perpetrator. The real cause of tooth decay is a combination of sugar, acid, and bacteria in your mouth. In a research, it has been found that people who ate less sugar are also prone to tooth decay and those who ate more sweets had the same dental problem.
  2. Harder Brushes for Better Results – Brushing is an important practice to keep your teeth clean and healthier. While brushing with harder bristles may sound like a good idea, it is better to use a soft-bristled brush. Dental experts recommend longer brushing with a soft brush to keep teeth and gums healthy.
  3. Whiter Teeth Means Healthier Teeth – Whiter teeth does not mean healthier teeth. While your teeth should be on the whiter side, pure white teeth should not be mistaken for overall dental health. After all, the natural color of teeth can be affected by the food we eat and smoking. Discoloration is quite common among smokers and people who drink coffee. Although it is normal, it does not mean it is ok for your pearly whites.
  4. Braces Are for the Young – According to orthodontists, braces are for everyone who would like to improve their smiles. While people get braces at a younger age, older people should also have them.
  5. Brushing Bleeding Gums Can Do More Harm – Brushing is good for both the teeth and the gums. With proper brushing, you can avoid bleeding gums by brushing the gums to get rid of the bacteria that causes the dental problem.
  6. Flushing Is Not Necessary – This is perhaps one of the greatest oral hygiene myths. Flushing is equally important to brushing as the practice helps keep the teeth and gums healthier by removing food particles your brush can’t reach.

Oral hygiene myths can affect your dental practices and may prevent you from achieving a healthier oral health. With the right guidance and information, you will know what’s real and what’s a myth. Contact Quimby and Collins Orthodontics today, and find out how to keep your teeth and gums healthier. You can also reach them in Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/QuimbyandCollins